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Senator Gillibrand and Jon Stewart Call For Action To Renew 9/11 Health Programs

July 9, 2015


On July 1, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was on The Daily Show one last time with Jon Stewart as host to call for action to renew the 9/11 health programs.

In 2010, Stewart was instrumental in helping pass the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, devoting an entire episode to the first responders fighting for their healthcare.

Now, almost five years later, funding for these health programs is set to begin to expire. Congress needs to act to make these programs permanent.

As Senator Gillibrand said on her Daily Show appearance:

We’re hoping to have the vote right around September 11, so if you want to do something, call your Congressmember, call your Senators. Frankly, the only time anything gets done in Washington is when regular people stand up and demand action, so your voice matters, please be heard on this issue.

Click HERE to use Renew 9/11 Health’s tool to find out where your Representative and Senators stand on this issue and to urge them to support our 9/11 heroes.

Watch the episode below: