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Meet Samantha

“I believe government and business would be stronger if the diverse voices and opinions that women and men bring to the table were equally represented.”

– Samantha

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Samantha Bevins is only in 8th grade but already she is off the sidelines and pursuing a life of public service.

Samantha was inspired by an event she attended where Senator Kirsten Gillibrand spoke about the importance of women and girls raising their voices and running for office.

As Kirsten said then:

“The most important thing for women to do is get off the sidelines and understand their voice matters.”

Samantha is raising her voice by working to elect Hillary Clinton for President. She’s also talking to other young women and girls to let them know they can do anything, and that they’ve got to speak up on the issues they care about. She feels it’s especially important for younger girls to see her as a role model, so they know they can raise their voices too.

Samantha wrote about her inspiration to get off the sidelines for our blog.

“I am already committed to being part of the work that needs to be done. I’ve accepted Senator Gillibrand’s invitation to be part of her “Off The Sidelines” group of younger woman, who will work with her and others to let women know their voice matters. I have committed myself to spending more time and gathering friends to the service of others. I aspire to be one of the people standing up for others, creating equal rights for everyone, and doing something that makes a difference.”

Samantha plans to run for office some day.

Thank you Samantha for getting off the sidelines! You are truly inspiring and we know you’ll be an exceptional future leader!

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