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Meet Emily

“Getting off the sidelines is vital if you want to have a long lasting influence on issues that affect women and the way that women are represented in government.”

– Emily


Emily Spangler (l) & Missouri State Rep Stacey Newman (r)

Emily Spangler is just 16 years old but has already done so much to get off the sidelines and make her voice heard.

As early as middle school, her passion for history had evolved into a deep interest in politics, leading her to volunteer on several campaigns at the local, state & federal levels.

As she helped women candidates, Emily realized the barriers women still face when running for office and was determined to work to help women candidates in any way she could. So in 2011 at the age of 14, inspired by Senator Gillibrand’s Off The Sidelines campaign, she created a Twitter account @MoreWomen2012 to amplify the voices of Democratic women candidates running in the 2012 cycle.

She quickly made a name for herself online, building a Twitter following of over 3,000 by promoting women candidates on Twitter through retweeting their tweets and sharing articles about their races, as well as connecting candidates with people from their area who followed @MoreWomen2012.

Inspired by that success, Emily has taken her activism for women candidates to the next level by teaming up with Missouri State Representative Stacey Newman, a fighter for gun safety, voting rights, and women’s health. Together they launched  www.ProgressWomen.com, a site about progressive politics that promotes feminism, and encourages women to raise their voices.

And as if that weren’t enough, Emily is active in Illinois politics and hopes to run for local office and become an Illinois State Legislator.

Emily is raising her voice, will you join her and make your voice heard so you can have an impact on the issues that matter most to you?

“If our country wants to have equal pay for women, a focus on women’s health care, and more representation, I realized we have to elect women that will support such policies.”

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