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Meet Caroline

“The only chance we have of unlocking the impact of this generation of talent is by removing the gap between performance and potential – mentorship is one of the critical catalysts to that.”

– Caroline


As a young college graduate working at McKinsey & Co., Caroline Ghosn was often the youngest member of the team — and the only woman — working on her assignment. Caroline observed that there was limited access to the components of the success equation that help us all to achieve what we deserve and are capable of achieving, namely access to the right job opportunity, access to knowledge of how to improve our performance, and access to a community of peers and mentors.

Having long been interested in social entrepreneurship, as well as creative sustainable problem solving, Caroline co-founded Levo in 2012 to serve as the go-to place for this generation of talent to unlock happiness and success in their careers.

Levo has now become the largest and fastest-growing community of Gen Y women in the workforce. It democratizes the components of success: once you’re in a job it connects you with the network you need (whether they be peers in your city through Local Levo chapters around the world or distinctive mentors across fields that you can ask questions of and build deeper relationships with online), the insight and success factors you need (whether through weekly Office Hours  video sessions with thought leaders and business innovators such as Sheryl Sandberg and Warren Buffett, or career tools such as the resume app and salary calculator), and the job that you need to take yourself to the next level. The best part is that Levo is 100% free for members as they work with innovative organizations on their talent solutions as their business model.

Levo League was born from a passion for the professional advancement of young women in the workforce, and from a personal need that wasn’t being met.

“Through Levo League, we use technology to shift the dynamics of the workforce millions of people at a time so that we are enabling a new generation of conscious leaders to achieve success regardless of how they look.”

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