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Universal Pre-K

Universal Pre-K: Every Child Should Have An Equal Chance At Success

The Problem

One of the keys to a thriving middle class has always been a quality education, and that must start with early childhood education including Pre-K for every child. Quality early childhood education has been shown to be crucial to a child’s development and determinative of future success, yet it is out of reach for many low- and moderate- income families. The block a child grows up on should not determine his or her chances of success in life.

The Solution

For American families, Universal pre-K is an essential piece of the puzzle that not only allows their kids to get a good start, but it also allows mothers to remain on the job earning a paycheck and helping our economy grow. The Strong Start for America’s Children Act would fund a 10 year early childhood education initiative to expand early learning opportunities for children up to age 5. It would also expand early education by helping accelerate efforts at the state level to provide high-quality preschool to low and moderate income families and encourage local partnerships to increase the quality of infant and toddler care through the Early Head Start program.

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Opportunity Points

  • The lowest-income and most disadvantaged children are the least likely to participate in pre-school programs.
  • The block a child grows up on should not determine his or her chances of success in life.
  • -Pre-school produces a very high return on investment: a recent study of Chicago’s preschool program projected that it will generate up to “$11 of economic benefits over a child’s lifetime for every dollar spent initially on the program.”

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